Riding With a Bicycle Computer

View of main screen display on bicycle computer
One of the first accessories you'll want to install on your bike is a bicycle computer.  They are fairly inexpensive, starting out at about ten dollars with the price going up from there depending on features.  The amount of riding information you'll get from a bicycle computer is nothing short of amazing.

Mountain Bikes for Road Riding

Though normally a poor choice for road riding due to their wide knobby tires and upright riding position, mountain bikes still have a purpose for road riding, particularly if they are modified to increase their ride-ability on the road.

Bike Multi Tools for Repairs on the Road

As an avid cyclist, at some point you'll experience a breakdown or need to make a minor adjustment to your bike when out on the road.  A mishap such as this could become a really big deal if you don't have any tools to make the repair, leaving you and your bike stranded looking for a way to get home.  Carrying a bike multi tool can help you avoid this situation.