Riding With a Bicycle Computer

View of main screen display on bicycle computer
One of the first accessories you'll want to install on your bike is a bicycle computer.  They are fairly inexpensive, starting out at about ten dollars with the price going up from there depending on features.  The amount of riding information you'll get from a bicycle computer is nothing short of amazing.

Mountain Bikes for Road Riding

Though normally a poor choice for road riding due to their wide knobby tires and upright riding position, mountain bikes still have a purpose for road riding, particularly if they are modified to increase their ride-ability on the road.

Bike Multi Tools for Repairs on the Road

As an avid cyclist, at some point you'll experience a breakdown or need to make a minor adjustment to your bike when out on the road.  A mishap such as this could become a really big deal if you don't have any tools to make the repair, leaving you and your bike stranded looking for a way to get home.  Carrying a bike multi tool can help you avoid this situation.

Bicycling with Lupus

Bicycling may be the perfect exercise for people with Lupus. On a bicycle you can ride as hard or easy as you feel like you can handle and go as far as you are comfortable with.

Bicycle Flat Tire Repair

Flat tires are by far the number one repair the average bicyclist will encounter. Flats always happen at the most unexpected time. Imagine being out for a ride on a nice sunny day. There is no wind and the route you chose has very little traffic. It’s just you, the open road, and the sounds of nature around you. While you are taking it all in you suddenly hear the terrifying sound of a tire blowout followed immediately by that riding on the rim feeling. If you carry the tools and equipment you need to repair flat tires this will only be a minor annoyance. Otherwise, a call for help (if you have your cellphone) or a long walk home will be your only choice.

Riding the Swamp Rabbit Trail

Last October I was able to ride part of the Swamp Rabbit Trail in Greenville, South Carolina. The weather was perfect for riding - sunny and 70 degrees with no wind.

Necessary Equipment to Carry on Your Bike

Aside from your helmet, shoes, and gloves, which is the most basic cycling equipment, what else should you carry with you when you go out for a ride? We are talking about the most basic items you would need to handle the most common breakdowns or emergencies that could come up while riding.